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A Beautiful Morning in Plitvice NP

I woke with the sparrows to get into the park as soon as possible. Of course while the park opens at 7am, none of the boats which are essential to get to the trails start til 8am or a bit later. technically you can hike around the big lake, but that would have taken hours and I only have til midday which is checkout time at the hotel and also the bus to Zagreb is shortly after that.
However the morning light favours photography so much more than the harsh daylight that was a big problem for me yesterday. Plus the first hour or 2 I saw no one. i was at one with nature. I had several moments that could be described as wow moments. A picture tells a thousand words, but i can tell you that being there tells a million words.


Plitvice NP

The upper lakes which is where i hiked today are so much more picturesque, but of course upper means walking up hill (then agin you had to walk uphill to escape the lower lakes yesterday!). The upper lakes seemed to be popular, but there were not the hoards of people like the lower lakes seem to get. Also the waterfalls seem to be just that more exciting. They are everywhere, I doubt anyone could count them let alone define where one fall starts and stops and the next one begins.




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