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Day of the dead

Today, was a living nightmare after yesterday. I was feeling so sick after the night and day before. We had a stop in the ruins of Kunye-Urgench, which were amazing except for the amount of sun and lack of shade and how ill I was.



The drive to the Turkmen-Uzbek border was OK, but I was really suffering by now and not well at all.  The wait at the border was unbearable. Apparently I was passed out and/or asleep at a few customs/immigration buildings on both sides of the border. From memory the tiled floors offered some respite. 
It really wasn’t a pleasant day at all. I wasn’t the only one suffering. In fact probably 75% of the tour has suffered over the last few days and still counting as people got ill most likely due to the dehydration suffered in the desert, or some dodgy Lamb in Ashgabat. The saving grace was a bed in air conditioned comfort that awaited me in Khiva!

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