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First I head south

Its a wet and miserable day, so perfect for being stuck in a car for a longish drive from Canberra to Lakes Entrance. Originally I planned to go to Eden first, but that made the second day a longer than desired day, so Lakes Entrance in Victoria was my first stop on this roadtrip. I made it to Bombala (about 2 1/2 hrs south) for lunch and discovered that Bombala has a platypus reserve for spotting platypus. I’ve put that on my to do list.

Beach at Lakes Entrance

Eventually i hit the main coastal highway between Sydney and Melbourne. The road became much wide, but in turn I was trapped behind caravand regularly until an overtaking lane appeared often when I started to give up hope. Its on this stretch of road between Cann River and Lakes Entrance i invented the “journey” game. Every 2-3 caravans was a Jayco Journey, and as a result I had to play “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. I intended to make up songs for other caravans, but was so busy playing that one song I was otherwise distracted.

Lakes Entrance

I can’t remember the last time I was in Lakes entrance, it may have been when I was a child and apparently I still liked fishing back then. I can’t stand it now, lots of other ways to waste time and achieve nothing, or better yet achieve something. They’ve now built a bridge across the lake to the beach, but I saw little to bring me back here other than a couple of putt putt courses, which I probably played in the 1980’s.

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