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Futbol in Guatemala

What do you do the day after climbing a volcano? Not much is my answer.
Well to be precise, I took my clothes to a laundry and grabbed a takeaway coffee (very nice, much better than the crap they tried to give me in US airports on the way here) and went to español school.
I have about 80 verbs to learn now, which will allow me to talk reasonably well. The thing is I can read and write pretty well now. Talking and listening is a lot harder.
I was meant to make my debut football appearance in Guatemala this afternoon in the big estudiantes vs profesors soccer game. However it seems I was the only estudiante interested.
So no big debut for me. I did however talk to my teacher and share stories about futbol in each others country.

Old ruin in Antigua from the 1700's earthquake

Old ruin in Antigua from the 1700’s earthquake

I now know Guatemala hates Mexico for one big reason. They fielded an understrength team and let Trinidad and Tobago draw in world cup qualifying to knock Guatemala out. If Trinidad and Tobago lost Guatemala still had to play Bahrain home and away for the last spot. They must have a good team they beat Mexico 3-2 recently in the grudge, we hate you match. I naturally felt for Guatemalan futbol as Australia has had many bad luck stories in the past.
Anyway in a coincidental twist I wandered the mercado (big open air market) this afternoon. Thats where the locals shop. Some guy shoved a football jersey into my face and wanted me to buy. It was a Guatemalan football jersey (apparently made in america by adidas). OK so it goes like this…..
“Cuanto senor?”
“setenta quetzales.”
“hmmm muy barato.”
“si senor.”
“camiso grande?”
“si. si. si.” as his mate rushed into the stall to find a big size.
“yo compro…” and i handed over Q70.
Q70 for a shirt… thats $10.
Anyway I could ramble on for ages but i won’t.
I’m sure when the free internet dries up i may only post a message every few days.
adios amigos.

Casa Cristina

Casa Cristina

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