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Goodbye Antigua

Well its my last español class and last day in Antigua. What can I say…. my best comparison is its like Florence. Beautiful streets and a very walkable town with surprises around every corner. It took me 3 days to discover the large open air market. Sure I knew it was there, but hadn’t wandered that way at all.
I have a pretty full on weekend planned in Tikal. Followed by some relaxing around Lake Atitlan next week before sadly leaving Guatemala. So many places to go and see and if i could, i’d have spent at least a month here. Actually i could have spent a month learning español in Antigua, quite easily. A very relaxed lifestyle thats for certain.


La Merced church

La Merced church

I’ve noticed something interesting however. A lot of outdoors places have no smoking policies like cafes and national parks. However several times indoors i’ve noticed smoking is allowed. Apparently, its so people don’t have smoke in the fresh air outside in cafes especially. Hmm bizarre coming from Australia thats for sure. Then again I’ve noticed maybe 3 people smoking, it doesn’t appear to be common and i’m guessing its expensive for most Guatemalans.
Sorry its a slow news day. I am leaving at 4am. Everything seems to leave in Guatemala between 4 and 6 am……
Next time I should have some nice jungle photos to share.


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