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Today I’m in Panajachel. Its a town on the edge of Lake Atitlan that is essentially a stop for visiting the towns around the lake. The lake has 2 towering volcanos either side, just to make it feel more dramatic.
Its full of mayan craft and eager people trying to sell them to you. Much more akin to Asia or European tourist hot spots like the Eiffel tower, or Pisa.
The drive here was shockingly nauseous. I was nearly sick as the driver would break hard, accelerate fast for speed humps and yank the van around corners. I never felt unsafe, just very sick after 2 hours.
I checked in at a nice enough hotel down on the lake foreshore. Q100 a night or $13 for a room with cable TV (important as Monday night football is on tonight) a hot shower and bed.
It has lovely views of the lake and isn’t on the main street.
I went for another laundry run today. This place is heaps cheaper than Antigua. My favourite el cheapo thing was the restaurant I mentioned maybe before I left called “3 tacos for Q10”. I had 3 very nice chicken and chorizo tacos plus a drink for less than $3.
Its tough but someone has to try these things.
I booked myself in for 3 semi luxurious days at a placed called La Isla Verde (click for their website). I’ll just take the boats that travel around the lake to visit the other mayan towns etc each day plus relax back at the hotel. Although last week was great all the studying and climbing felt like more work than I do at home 🙂

View of Lago de Atitlan

View of Lago de Atitlan

Oh a couple of things from yesterday I forgot to write about. I had this fantastic Choc dipped frozen Banana for Q2 (0.25 cents) at the airport, plus as we were flying in, that volcano I walked/donkeyed up the other day has a huge lava flow down the side of it. Much bigger than the other day and clearly visible from the plane.
Also Tikal features as the rebel base in the Star Wars movie and my guide personally knows George Lucas and he visits Tikal every year. One of the books is dedicated to the guide, but I’m going to check this first although he seemed genuine.
For those interested also, I’ve seen a mere 7 volcanoes so far.
Panajachel is renowned for Mayan crafts and annoying people who want to sell you stuff, especially kids who cry and swear (the thing is if you enter a deal process you should be prepared to buy). At lunch I was offered some mayan woven fabric for Q600 each. I got it down to Q200 for 2 ie 1/6th of the asking price without really trying. I’ve probably been ripped off but not by as much as I could have been…..
Adios for today. Thanks for all the messages I’ve received. Its fun travelling, but it is great to hear from you all as well. It is a lonely life sometimes as a wannabe Indiana Jones. Although I’ve met some great people along the way.

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