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Return to Reykjavik

Todays trip was to see all the sights of the Snæfellsnes peninsula.  It is epitomised in Jules Vernes “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, a book I read a few times as a kid, and I’ve bought another copy to read now.  It was also used in many films including the 2013 film “A Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, which I quite liked.  Alas today was all about the rain.

We stopped at the N1 for fuel and coffee, plus food resembling breakfast.  Luckily the tour group that stopped was off to the toilets only.  The N1 servo coffee (petrol or gas station for everyone that doesn’t speak Australian) is quite drinkable, unlike servo coffee in Australia.

We headed off to the peninsula and the rain didn’t ease off at all.  We got to see a lovely wooden church in a place called Búðir. There is a hotel there and a church. Looks like the spot for birdwatching, whale spotting and maybe seal spotting. But when the weather rolls in you’ll feel the brunt of it.

Búðir church

Búðir church

We continued along the penisula and then cut over the peninsula to shorten the journey and because it was raining. There was an impatient Audi driver who overtook us on a wet downhill gravel stretch and then turned into the golf club spot on 11am. There were people playing golf, I’m surprised due to the weather, however Icelanders probably consider todays weather as pleasant.

We drove past a mountain called Kirkjufell, but it was cloudy and not at all impressive. We then headed to Stykkishólmur for lunch.  The town is very picturesque in the sunshine apparently. We instead had to settle for lunch in a lovely place called Sjávarpakkhúsið, which used to be an old fish packing house.  We both loved our dishes one of the better meals we’ve had and mine was not a hamburger, but instead a vegetarian pasta, mostly due to everything else being fish or seafood related. However it was very tasty meal and only around $30 (I’ve been here for too long when I think $30 for pasta is a good deal!).

The drive back to Reykjavik was a couple of hours, the highlight possibly the 6 km tunnel under the fjord.  The traffic in Reykjavik was scary, we haven’t seen that many cars for a week.  I’ve checked into my airBnB and befriended the cat.  Breakfast is included, the owner isn’t home till later though.  Its nice to see people so trusting of others.  Claire is staying elsewhere as there was no space at her place when I decided to come to Iceland.  We are both close to town though.

So tomorrow I have my last full day here before my flight to Washington DC. My friends John and Vicki have arrived in DC according to the wonders of Facebook!


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