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When I was planning this trip, I had a few places in mind that I wanted to visit. Mungo NP and Cameron corner with a taste of the outback. Planning the outbound journey was easy, but it wasn’t obvious what route I should take to get back home. Then I realised that Orange was an obvious place to stop. Not only that, it was where I was born and I haven’t been back there since I moved to Canberra before I turned 2. Everyone suggested why not ?Dubbo, but I’ve been there before. There really was no bad choice as all these places are within a weekend away from Canberra, so Orange it was.

Old Beekeepers Inn

Of course the weather has not been as welcoming as the people. The hotel staff asked was it my first time in Orange. I told them I was born here, but it has been over 40 years since I’ve been here. The lady at the information centre reminded me the hospital I was born in no longer exists (something my parents had also mentioned). The region is a wine drinkers delight but I asked for some information on some less wine related indoor related activities. The lady suggested the regional museum was the place to start and there was also an excellent Australian Geographic photography exhibition on as well.

Old Bank building in Millthorpe

I then headed out of town to drive o the Beekeepers Inn. An old building that used to be on the old Cobb and Co transport route. It is now an antique museum, a seller of local produce mostly related to honey, a brewery and a cafe. After purchasing numerous food and alcoholic items I continued on the drive intending to visit historic Millthorpe, but ended up in Bathurst. I returned successfully via Millthorpe, a village of providores, cafes and antique stores. I’ve had enough foodie related tourism for the day and thus returned back via my first home in Orange. Fortunately the house has been renovated, but the neighbours are going for the zombie apocalypse look unfortunately.

Home of my birth

I had to skip quite a few things, as the weather was better suited to ducks and mud wrestling, but I think I made the right choice of destination and if this Covid thing goes on for much longer I might be coming back for a long weekend or on my way with another roadtrip.

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