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I’ve arrived in Dubrovnik. The beauty from Montenegro carries on to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. It was sad to leave Dubrovnik, i didn’t even get to say goodbye to Olivera and her daughter Barbara who looked after me in Kotor. They were such kind and helpful people and made my stay in Montenegro that much better. Life as a traveller though has its ups and downs and I’m now in Montenegro.
I found a private room in Dubrovnik. The locals know they are onto a good thing by renting out spare rooms for a fraction of what the Dubrovnik Hilton can offer. The owner of this place even came and picked me up from the bus station for free and will drop me off again when I leave. The hospitality since travelling to Eastern Europe has generally been fantastic.
So I get picked up at the bus station after fending off 10 people with rooms to spare. However the internet is where its at, if you don’t have rooms on the internet, the bus station is desperation. Although i imagine it works sometimes and their rooms may be great.
My room turns out to be a studio apartment. All the rooms in the apartment are rented out short term to travellers. I think the owner said he has 3 buildings now. A de facto hotel in a way, with out building one. I have a main room with bed TV and off to the side is a kitchen. There is also a bathroom. How much would you expect to pay??? Well I’m paying about 28 euros a night. Great deal if you ask me. I’m even typing this on my balcony as the sun sets. I have a view of the water as well.

View from my apartment

View from my apartment

The catch is, I have to catch a bus or walk for 45 minutes to get to the old town of Dubrovnik. The bus is about $1.50 so its cheap. Besides there are restaurants, banks, shops and a hippomarket (just like a supermarket only the size of a hippo) nearby.
I saw the old town of Dubrovnik from the highway and the next 2 days look to be a real treat I think.
Oh the title for today is really a comparison of Kotor and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is like an american rapper compared to Kotor who is just a regular but successful pop singer. Its just got more hype that has yet to be confirmedĀ as being true.

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