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Antarctica 2022

My first overseas trip after Covid, so it seems like the best thing is to seize the day and visit the place I’ve always wanted to visit and also the worlds most pristine continent….. Antarctica. I had done a fair bit of research on this and my inital plan was to do the 22 day trip that included South Georgia and the Falkland islands. However my friend Amanda (read her blog and podcast at https://www.notaballerina.com/) knew a couple of her friends were running a photography trip to Southern Chile and Antartica so it was like the stars had aligned and now the trip I am doing is a Hurtigruten cruise from Vaparaiso through the fjords of Chile to antarctica and back to Ushuaia in Argentina. I never like to use the phrase “Trip of a Lifetime”, but after Covid this very much feels like it may fit that phrase perfectly.