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I love Hong Kong, I don’t know why, but the best way i can describe it is imagine Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong were all friends of yours. Singapore is like the sensible friend, it won’t lead you astray, you’ll have some fun but overall it will be tame. Taipei is a bit edgier, you might do something you regret, you’ll have a good time but your friend would never do anything stupid. Hong Kong is the friend your paqrents wish you didn’t have, its just everything and more and very easy to be led astry by Hong Kong. Not that anything bad has every happened to me in Hong Kong! It just feels more adventurous and exciting.

I had planned to visit Peng Chau when I was here for a week with my parents, but the combination of a ferry ride and walking were not high on the to do list for my parents after a few days and as Tour Director i’d already planned an action packed agenda that my parents enjoyed so much, they revisited Hong Kong without me. Peng Chau is described as a sleepy fishing village/island an easy ferry ride from Central pier on Hong Kong island. When I got to the pier I found out that about 300 of my closest Hong Kong friends were also heading to Peng Chau on this ferry. The seas were calm and the ride was smooth on the ride over. The island is not far off Lantau island where the airport and Disneyland are located. Thankfully the masses of people cleared shortly after arriving at the island and where they went is a mystery. The narrow streets were mostly empty as I wandered around this car free island, that has seen some modernisation over the years but still had some old world charm to it.

The other main thing i did on this stopover in Hong Kong was catch the tram to Kennedy Town. I haven’t been to this part of Hong Kong Island before and the last time I caught the tram I found them a bit claustrophobic, mostly due to how many people crammed into them and the narrow steps up to the top floor. This time I just waited for a tram headed to Kennedy Town that was relatively empty. Its much slower than the metro, but obviously much more scenic. I found a hip coffee shop on the waterfront and just enjoyed the rather bleak view out the window, after a wander around the streets I had some lunch and returned via the metro which was much faster, but had views of dark tunnels.

I wrapped up my trip with an early evening walk and photographed some of the streets and laneways in Wan Chai where I was staying. Also, you wouldn’t know it was easter and thats fine, because i’d have eaten too many chocolate eggs and hot cross buns at home!

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