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Caribbean canals

Today was an interesting day. I was due to catch a boat from Tortuguero to Moin then bus to the town of Cahuita, but when I turned up it was obvious the boat situation was a problem. Why? because it wasn’t big enough. Firstly they put some plastic chairs in the aisle of the boat, but after 15 minutes down river it was obvious the engine was having problems. So then they decided on 2 boats…. They needed 5 people to get out… it just so happens those 5 were my Estonian friends from the day before.
As it turns out they eventually arrived 5 minutes after me so there was no payback. The boat trip was all through the inland rivers and canals that stretch for 60 odd kms along the Caribbean coastline. Once at Moin, a main Costa Rican Caribbean port town, I got a bus to Cahuita. I came here because there is meant to be a nice national park to explore. As it turns out its another quiet town with little to do, so I may have to escape. Either way Sunday or Monday I have to start heading back towards San Jose and the airport anyway.

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