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Colonial Antigua

Well as soon as I arrived, I went to sleep. Almost 30 hours travelling with no or little sleep makes you very tired. Casa Cristina Hotel is very nice. The rooms are small but pleasant. I had no issues sleeping on the bed either.
This morning I went for a wander around the streets. All I remember the night before was cobblestones. Yep every street is cobblestoned, which is not good for pushbike riding nuns (if you haven’t heard that joke ask me sometime).



I found all the essentials like water, money and food. Well the first ATM didn’t like my card… Also noted Q100 (100 Quetzales is about $13US) is a lot of money. Well it will get me through a day easily with change. 1.5 litre bottle of water was Q8 and breakfast was Q26.
I enrolled in a spanish class at Ixchel Spanish school. So far my espaƱol has been average, but I’ve ordered a meal (scrambled eggs on a bagel) successfully.
This week it looks like i’ll put my futbol skills to good use in the teachers vs students soccer game….. I might just play goalie…..
I also plan to go to see a volcano up close and very active.

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