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Coming soon – Ljubliana the movie 3D

Todays adventures involved a visit to the Ljubliana castle or fortress or thing on the hill…. To get there, you could walk up the hill or maybe even get a bus, but I never miss out a ride on a funicular. It was actually pretty cheap, 6 euros return including entry to everything in the castle.
When the short funicular ride ends, you have to wonder where you are faced with a very non castle looking basement of steel girders and concrete. Up a few sets of stairs and you are in the castle courtyard, complete with cafe, restaurant, souvenirs and information. While the outside of the castle is very authentic and probably as close to original as possible, inside is another story. Nothing is really left from inside the castle. its all nicely done in a modern steel and timber style, but really its not a castle to visit for authenticity.

Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana castle

I climbed to the top of the tower. Some really nice views of Ljubljana from up there. Shame the weather was still cloudy and overcast. I walked downstairs to find the “Virtual museum”. The virtual museum was a film about Ljubljana in 3D. Yes 3D. and you could also get a headset in english, italian or german to try and drown out the sound of the slovene soundtrack. The 3D movie was basically something that would be done on your home computer from 5 years ago.
The information though was at time interesting, although a bit disorientating at times. The city existed in roman times around 300AD. Then the movie jumped to the 1500’s and moved to the present. I also didn’t realise there was a 10 day war when Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia. It actually had the right to do so, but it also sparked the breakup of Yugoslavia.

There be dragons

There be dragons

Some sun came out so I took the opportunity to get some photographs while the sun shines and also had a coffee by the river. Canberra needs cafes by the lakes. Canberra is already a more european style city than Sydney and Melbourne.



Anyway another day done. Oh i should mention my dining experience last night. I went to Ljubljanas only Chinese restaurant. It was actually better than Chinese in Australia and I had some jasmine tea which was very soothing and refreshing.

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