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That was one long bus ride. The bus had 180 degree reclining seats/beds as long as you were under say 5’10”. I found converted to full flat i just didn’t quite fit unless my feet and head were touching boards at either end. I did find a comfortable incline though that I could get some semblance of sleep on. firstly this was a full service bus, with “hot” meals. Problem is dinner didn’t arrive til close to 10pm and I’d been on the bus for 8 hours. dinner was more tepid than hot and was some kind of meat dish, that I’ve yet to identify. I also had some chicken thing, a baked potato slice (cold), biscuits etc and the option of wine or beer. So by the time I’d finished dinner, I thought I’d give this sleep thing a try.
I didn’t sleep great, I have this annoying cough that won’t go away either, so I have no idea if anyone else slept either. At least i wasn’t the only cough-ee on the bus though. I have negotiated some cough syrup from a pharmacy, but its yet to really work for me. I’m ok though other than a cough.
Breakfast wasn’t that fantastic either. A cold croissant with hame and cheese, plus a few other things. I think it took the bus well over an hour though to negotiate the freeway into town, due to traffic.
My hostel this time is away from the hustle and bustle of the microcentre and is in the leafy neighbourhood of Palermo. I quite like it here and there seems to be a few more restaurants around offering some decent food. I’ve also found the nearest coffee shops and banks. I took 1 photo today while wandering around and thats mainly so my dad will be excited and start researching the history of trams in Buenos Aires. Quite a few streets still have the cobblestones and the old tram tracks still in place.

Palermo with old tram tracks

Palermo with old tram tracks

Other than that I’m still planning my days out but hopefully will get on the ferry for a day in Uruguay and also I’d like to visit La Boca, which is not the safest of neighbourhoods, but has some safe tourist areas to visit. Anyway, I’m sure i’ll fill the last few days up easily with something to excite you all.
Spanish phrase of the day…. These are the directions given to me to visit La boca “Es fácil. Tomar el autobús 152 a La Boca.”

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