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High in the Sky

Another must do in Kuala Lumpur is a visit to the Bird Park. The largest free-flight aviary in the world, although not all birds are free to fly around, many are and get as close as they can to people in the hope of food. There is an enclosure for a few birds of prey and also a lorikeet and parrot enclosure. I spent a few hours wandering the aviary, avoiding the crowds and the parents who on one hand thought about the birds, by putting squeaky shoes on their childs feet, but didn’t think about everyone else having to listen to the squeaking.

Scarlet Ibis

Buffy Fish Owl

Now, fortunately, I did something other than photograph birds today.  After another brief thunderstorm in the afternoon, I headed over to the Petronas twin towers. Nothing like a rich oil company spending their profits on a nice big pair of towers.  Luckily I bought tickets for this a few weeks ago as they tend to sell out and only smallish groups are allowed up every 15 minutes or so. The first stop on the tour, albeit with no guide, was at the bridge joining the two towers on level 41. After 10 minutes on the bridge, we were whisked up to the 86th floor, from where you can see the other tower.

Petronas twin towers

After 20 minutes of gazing out the windows covered in raindrops, we had one final destination, the gift shop a few floors down. The sales ladies struggled to find a photo of me to sell as I had cunningly avoided the green screen photo at the start of the tour and also avoided the “official” photographer up on level 86. The soon found some other suckers though and left me alone. Eventually, the call came and we were released from the tower and descended back to earth. I didn’t think this was as good as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Although the Burj Khalifa did get a bit crowded as this was managed timeslots and numbers at every location.

The other tower

So that brings to an end a week in Malaysia. I would recommend visiting here, but just pick a better time temperature wise as the humidity meant I did less than I normally would.  I definitely want to visit the Borneo part of Malaysia one day to see the orangutangs and climb Mt Kinabalu.

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  1. Noel Kemp

    At least it won’t be so hot and steamy on top of Mt K’balu (you – one – needs to be pretty darned fit though, it is a long way up, to the top!).

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