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I hate cramped buses

Another longish day on a cramped bus. I am certainly no fan of Cambodian buses or their inability to give an accurate time. Seriously if todays bus ever made it in 5 hours I’d be surprised. I feel for a family I met who were then adding a 4 hr Cambodian bus trip to get to the coast tonight. I’m doing that leg tomorrow and will be prepared for 6 hours. The bus does stop to get supplies, but today I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a can of grass jelly juice, whatever that is.

Unfortunately as a connoisseur of travel, cramped buses and transport is unavoidable!

Anyway back in Phnom Penh, where motoGP starts are the norm for traffic lights and busy city life is the way of life here. Just for the night though, I’m off to Kampot tomorrow and hopefully I’m going to help out at a wildlife centre for a day down there. They have monkeys and tigers, so I’m convinced it will be awesome.

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