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Intro to Veliko Tarnovo

Just a quick update today. We caught the bus to Veliko Tarnovo, an interesting old town nestled on a hill surrounded by a river that flows all around it. It is hard to explain it and it is a little confusing at first, however I think I’ve worked it out. Our hotel is pretty nice with lovely views to part of the town and river.

View of Veliko Tarnovo

We went for a walk in town where i successfully broke and subsequently purchased two broken arty things. One looks to be a vase. Luckily for me while I could have spent the money more wisely it wasn’t too expensive. We made a few jokes about it afterwards. I’m not sure i’f i’ll even bring them home. One is quite big and the other quite broken. We’ve also discovered quite a lot of things to do in Veliko Tarnovo, which is a challenge because we only have 2 nights here. So a few photos and a more detailed entry tomorrow.

Gurko street where our hotel is located

Panorama view from hotel

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