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We caught a public bus for the last stop in Marrakech. We arrived late at around 6pm and went to the main square for a “street food” dinner. A lot of people setup little stands with places to sit and you can order skewers, lambs head, or whatever you fancy. The square is packed at night and full of people wanting to sell you things like wooden snakes, glowing things you shoot into the air, hugs with a rabies infested monkey or just anything else you don’t need.

Street food in Marrakech

We retired to the hotel skybar for some beer on tap, a rarity in Morocco and most welcome after the heat. We haven’t felt heat like this for over a week. This morning we went to the the Majorelle Garden, which was infested with bamboo, had many cactus and a lot of french people visiting it. There was an excellent Berber museum also in the gardens. We then went to the Bahia palace, which was also overrun by people and featured a lot of the same architecture as seen previously in Morocco.

Bahia palace

We wandered through the medina streets, with the occasional hassle to buy something, because most people do go to marrakech to buy something. I resisted the charms of buying a wooden snake and we found a lovely terrace for lunch overlooking part of the main square. Most of us ate a light lunch, the heat was draining and I headed back for an afternoon in cooler parts. Marrakech had failed to impress me like the rest of Morocco had done. Its a shame that the trip ends at my least favourite place.


We’ve just had a farewell dinner and its really a shame. Our guide has been really good, offering us free things to do not included in the tour or alternatives that are better. He has danced with us, drunk beer, wine and fig schnapps with us also. He taught us traditional berber ways of life and also cheered us up when we were having off days.

I’ve met a few really good people that I’d probably be good friends with if we lived nearby, but the tyranny of distance means I’ll have to go half way round the world to see them (or vice versa) buts thats the nature of being a traveller. I don’t know where I’m going next, but always open for ideas or offers to visit! Signing out from Morocco with 35 hrs of flight to go in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Marrakesh

  1. Noel Kemp

    Sounds as if it was good trip Justin, pity it was so short. And you will be coming back into the country just as I am departing (I leave Zoe’s at 04:30 Monday). Cheers, Noel

    1. justin Post author

      Yes no trip is ever long enough for me. Apparently one has to work as well!!! 200 years ago exploring the world was a job.

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