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I got in rather late last night after an amazing day in Panama. I’d found a B&B in the suburb of Miraflores called “The Lighthouse B&B” and for around $25 a night with breakfast its absolutely amazing. My bed is comfortable, the whole place is freshly renovated and it has free wifi thus I’ve over done it a bit today and got my blog updated, done my banking etc, caught up on emails and had a lazy few hours.

I did manage though to get out for half the day and visit the Miraflores area of Lima, a bit further from the airport than before, but i’ve careful not booked an early flight tomorrow so it should be ok!  A short walk takes you to the top of an escarpment looking out over the Pacific ocean.  There is also a lighthouse here for which the B&B is named after.


There is a wonderful park along the top of the escarpment and down at the ocean is a road, beaches and other activities. There are numerous paths linking the top and bottom as well as a few roads.  The park at the top was, and I borrow a phrase from my Panamanian guide Oscar here, “Full of people making exercise”.  There were bars for body weight exercises too, lots of people running and stuff then I realise exercise would be great if I could go for a jog at 11am on a monday instead of working.

I was told the walk continues on to the great Larcomall where all my shopping needs would be met, but I headed inland to another central park in Miraflores had some lunch and a coffee and meandered back to the B&B via the ATM.  So not much in the way of excitement, but I head to Cusco tomorrow and Machu Picchu is scheduled for Saturday!

View of the escarpment

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