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Monkeys and Markets

Today was a drive through the Middle Atlas mountains. The highlight for me were the Barbary Macaques that roam the forests. We stopped the bus to allow me to take a lot of photos. Unfortunately even in the forests of the Middle Atlas there are locals trying to see food to give to the Macaques. Of course this causes fights with the macaques.

Angry Macaque

After this we drove to a local market to wander around and have a look. Fairly standard market with food and lots of cheap Chinese crap. I took a photo that seemed to offend one lady immensely. Abdul, calmed the situation down, but my photo was a wide shot and she was hardly noticeable in the photo. apparently she was upset because someone took a photo and it was made into a postcard! Sounds like a Moroccan to me rather than a foreigner, that would have done this.

Sheep and beds

We drove onto the town of Midelt. Not much here except its a good stop before heading into the Sahara Desert tomorrow. I’ve started to get an upset stomach, which always seems to happen to me in deserts! Hopefully I’ll be fine, I think it was the BBQ lamb and meatballs I had for lunch.

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