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Mountainbiking, Nica style.

Today I decided to hire a mountain bike and go for a ride. The first one had a flat tyre. The second one was ok, but the seat couldn’t be adjusted so I kept on riding along the road between the 2 volcanoes. I got to the next town about 4kms away and the chain on the bike broke. So I walked back returned the bike and called it quits. It was lunchtime anyway.
The island isn’t exactly a hive of activity, probably a great place to retire to if you like peace and quiet. There are a number of travellers and backpackers on the island, but the hotels are fairly spread out that there is no real hotspot to go stay at.
Plus by bus it takes about 1 hr to get anywhere and often 2 hrs only because all the buses go a certain way often detouring for 30 minutes to another town then backtracking again.
Unfortunately I’m here til Monday when my ferry leaves. I did read an interesting article though. Nicaragua is the 2nd most safest country in the Americas after Canada. Although DFAT has a severe do not go to warning for the Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region for Nicaragua. Don’t worry its extremely difficult to get there anyway and I have no plans to even go close.

Playa Santa Domingo

Playa Santa Domingo

Oh yeah the other reason to put this entry up is its the halfway point of my trip. I’ve been gone 3 weeks. I’d be lying if i didn’t get the 3 week urges to be at home, however I’ve still got the country I wanted to visit the most left to visit, plus I’m looking forward to a few days in San Francisco, so that will keep me going.
Besides I’ve discovered the lake is beautiful to swim in. Its fresh water, but yesterday it had a nice bit of surf going, with some rather big waves. The water is quite warm and it beats the humidity and heat here. Can’t wait to get to the mountains of Costa Rica.

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