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Plodding to Plovdiv

So Claire keeps reminding me that I forgot to mention the 5000 yr old Thracian gold artefacts we saw in the museum yesterday. This visit to the museum links into the vases I broke the other and had to pay for, thus I’m mentioning the fact we saw some gold and it was very old and very beautiful still, definitely not copper. We were heading back to the wine shop and it said it was open til 9pm so we went into the museum next door and when we came out, the wine store was closed. Claire figured she could get some in Sofia on her way home, although the wine here was good. OK so the two stories don’t link yet….

This morning we had our gourmet breakfast (the best so far) and we packed our bags. Its then I noticed the broken vase and jug and I hadn’t even opened them to look. Actually the vase was quite nice. I was going to throw them into a bin and asked the hotel where I could throw it. They looked at the broken vase and seem quite delighted by it, so I told them they could have it.
As we were waiting for the taxi, the lady handed Claire a bottle of wine! We assume for payment of my broken vases. It was a nice gesture, but i’m not planning to break any more vases.

The rest of the day was a slow trip to Plovdiv. We turned up at the bus station for the 11 am bus, only to be told we had to catch the 1:30pm bus. The ticket guy was quite rude. Most Bulgarians are pretty friendly. Even the truck stop, bloke dominated restaurant I found to have lunch at.

Then we drove 1 hr and stopped for 30 minutes. Drove another hour and stopped for 30 more minutes. It took 4 1/2 hours to drive what should have taken 2 1/2 hrs. Anyway we made it to Plovdiv had drinks by some old roman ruins and I had chicken shaslik for dinner.

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