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Salta N Pepa….. aaahh push it

OK so firstly I’ll take a minutes silence for those fallen soldiers to commemorate ANZAC day here in Argentina and I’ll have a beer tomorrow to help celebrate the occasion. I arrived here just after midnight. Fortunately, these Argentine cities never go to sleep, especially on a weekend!
My bus was a late morning bus that became later. A bus turned up and the guy refused to let me on. Not knowing why, because with my level of spanish i can ask questions, but if i don’t get a yes or no answer, i’m usually stuffed. I eventually found a question that sort of gave me the answer i needed. “Mi billete es por otro bus y otro bus es muy tarde?” got me the yes response i needed. Also some Dr Watson (sans sherlock) investigation skills, revealed, the two bus drivers in the company uniform also waiting for the bus to arrive, so they could drive it to Salta. It was close to a 13 hour bus ride, i had a first class seat again, which enabled me to get some sleep but not much. We also had food service on this bus, but the food was nothing exciting like a ham sandwich and some biscuits.
Leaving Cordoba was a sad occasion for me also. I made a couple of friends in Cordoba at a restaurant. Micaela and Noelia, were both nice and talkative even if originally they just wanted to know where i was from and all about kangaroos. I ended up helping them with their english and they helped me with my spanish. I don’t want to brag but my spanish was better than their english. Although Mica showed me her english text book. Bloody hell, just looking at the pronunciation section made me realise how difficult it is to speak english. Apparently english has ~19 different vowel sounds, spanish has 5, one for each vowel.
We went out for drinks and empa├▒andas last night and I didn’t get in til 2am. We’ve exchanged emails and I have a place to stay next time I’m in Cordoba. I didn’t have the heart to say that I may never be back, but it always nice to have some locals being friendly, especially when travelling on the road by yourself. Besides the backpackers at the last place, probably didn’t know they were in Argentina. This hostel, at first glance seems much better, we’ll see in the morning, when i set off to explore Salta and get some pictures.
Spanish phrase of the day is simple “Estoy muy cansado y necesito dormir”. I’m tired and i need to go to sleep ­čÖé

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