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The bus way to travel

Today was a long trip, thus the really bad pun for the title of today’s entry. I had a 6am departure from Mendoza to travel nearly 12 hours or 700+ kms to Cordoba. I’d have considered flying, but Argentine flights all go via Buenos Aires and thus means it is more expensive than a point to point flight. That said my first impressions of long distance bus travel is positive.
I had an executive class seat, which is rather like a recliner, that almost lies flat to a bed. So as you can imagine it really wasn’t that bad. I alternated between listening to music, reading a book, sleeping and watching the world go by. The time went rather quickly and was far more comfortable than an economy plane ticket.
I arrived in Cordoba at about 5:30pm. Checked into my hotel and went for a wander. I found the magnificent cathedral on the main square lit up beautifully as the sun set. However finding somewhere for dinner was much more difficult. I was trying to avoid the typical “bad” food I may have been eating. Eventually I found a nice little cafe that sold me some roast chicken and salad plus a coke zero for 25 pesos, so I couldn’t complain. They even gave me a complimentary “Alfajor”.
So I guess I better explain what an Alfajor is. Well its 2 biscuits, often with dulce de leche filling in between and covered in chocolate. They love them here and often you have 1 with your coffee. I did have one the other day that was not covered in chocolate but covered in icing sugar. Anyway they are a delicacy, and some taste better than others.
So other than that slight diversion today’s entry will be a short one. I’ll leave you with phrase of the day which basically means, I’ve had no coffee today, so i’m very tired.
“No tenía café hoy, así que estoy muy cansado.”

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