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The Long Way to Christchurch

When I saw this good price online for Business class to NZ I had to make a quick decision and book them. I thought a week in NZ would be great. Originally I was going to spend a week in and around Christchurch and catch the train over the mountains. I soon realise I might get bored with a week in Christchurch. Thus a rather quick lap of the south island came to be the ultimate itinerary.

Now another issue was the fact I couldn’t get a decent connection from Canberra to Sydney on the ticket I got. So today has been a whirlwind tour of Australia just to get to Sydney to get the flight to Christchurch. The thing is it was cheaper, has better connections and I get into Christchurch before 11pm and not on the 1am Jetstar flight.

View after take off in Melbourne

So the day has been Canberra to Melbourne to Sydney to Christchurch.  The funny part is I looked out the window from seat 1F (yeah not likely to happen often) and there below me was a town, it kind of looked familiar but clouds shrouded the familar Canberra landmarks, but it was Canberra alright.  So I flew south to Melbourne and then north to Sydney right over the top of Canberra! Look it was a long way down and in the middle of the photo are the northern suburbs in Gungahlin.

View of Canberra from the skies

Of course I got to Sydney only to realise I’d left my glasses in Melbourne. So who knows how many typos this blog will have in the next week. Fortunately I can do just about everything without them, but my blog entires might be shorter!

The flight to Christchurch was a wee bit over 3 hrs and I got through NZ customs with only inspecting one hiking boot, before waiving me through.  Its bitterly cold here though although that was offset walking into my room with the heater set to 28C.  Tomorrow the adventure begins with finding the hire car place.


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