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The Peak

Today started off with an amazing race style start. Dad has a problem, that means he somehow gets pleasure out of riding dodgy little HK trams. Mum and I are practical and thus the race began. Dad took the tram from Happy valley to Stanley street. Mum and I took the hotel shuttle bus to causeway bay, walked to the subway and caught it to Stanley street. Mum and I got there first and we could have finished breakfast before Dad arrived if we had started. We had breakfast and the camera stores were not open, so dad went on a toilet hunting rampage. Eventually I asked someone and we found one. Then we went and got him a new camera, despite his best efforts to ignore my advice.
We also visited the Wan Chai computer centre which was an interesting collection of tightly packed computer shops.
The late afternoon we headed through the Hong Kong Gardens, which were very beautiful and even had a walk in bird aviary, that required some stamina and step climbing to actually find the entrance and walk through it.

Hong Kong Park

Bird in the HK park aviary

After the gardens we joined the queue for the Peak tram. Apart from being pushed out of the way by little old chinese ladies and having to stand up in a queue for over 30 minutes, all went well. Dad however hadn’t worked out how to turn the flash off on his camera while taking photos through the tram window.

HK harbour

The views from the peak were as I remembered them. Quite stunning and I could even see across to Kowloon which is not always possible… I went up to the viewing terrace which was full of romantic couples and annoying tourists. I still managed to snap a sunset over the water. Dad went MIA again, but we eventually found him and had dinner in Hong Kong park.
On the way home dad caught the tram again. Mum and I were going to get a taxi, but the queues were too long so we caught the metro and shuttle bus again and won again. Dad claims to have met some British tramway enthusiasts……

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