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Todra Gorge

So we went for a walk through the gorge today. There is the first narrow bit, which is full of tourists and people trying to sell things to tourists they don’t want. We stopped a few times for photos and while the first 700m narrow stretch is quite lovely is just too chaotic and overrun with people.

Todra Gorge

We walked on and the gorge widens and the people disappear. The walk is quite lovely and we walked for 5 odd kms before getting a bus back into town. We had some fresh juice before heading off to a carpet making coop for a delicious goat tagine.

Then the carpet buying started in the carpet den. My Turkmenistan baby camel neck wool carpet is still quite lovely and doesn’t need replacing, so I didn’t buy any new carpets. The place said they don’t bargain, but of course if they wanted a sale, they bargain. In fact, I feel by them saying they won’t bargain, it means they think by saying that, they can rip people off even more. So when travelling always bargain, they won’t sell it at a loss!

Me in Todra gorge

We then headed back for a relaxing arvo, but a storm has rolled in and the thunder and lightening is quite entertaining. Even if it means we lose our wifi!

Tomorrow we head west into the Atlas mountains.

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