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A new blog for a new decade

My old blog, sitting on a server somewhere in the world has served its purpose. Behold my new blog and welcome to Justins World! In a bid to hold onto my youthfulness as I turn 40 in a few months time, I felt I deserved a new blog, with a fancy domain name. Took me a while to find one that worked, but when they started offering up all sorts of cool new domains i eventually found one www.justins.world which works great in my opinion.

Also I’m off again to visit some of the awfully dangerous countries according to the government in the Middle East. I’ll be visiting Dubai in the UAE, Jordan to really visit Petra, then to Tunisia to catch up with a friend and finally a couple of weeks in Morocco, which looks to be a photographers paradise!

I’m also going to start copying over my blog entries from my old site. Just so you can reminisce on the time I stacked it on the worlds most dangerous road or when Chinese immigration locked me up for not having a visa. Of course there was that time in a Central Asian desert that was a horrendous experience, but I made many new friends on that trip or my first blog in 2007 and the donkey herder on the side of Volcan Pacaya had my family in stitches (and I hear about it every christmas still). So until May when I’ll be older and in the naughty forties and off to the Middle East, enjoy my older blog entries. I might even proof read some for poor grammar.

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