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A Pueblo called San Pedro

So we decided yesterday to leave the place 700m out of town, to somewhere nearer in town. The one bathroom with no mirror just didn’t make the cut and the walk to town, while short was often hot and not shady. So we had a delicious breakfast and moved hostels to one right in the heart of San Pedro, with a shower that looks like its a rocket, definitely has more dials knobs and shower heads than a rocket.
I’m not sure i did anything much today other than rest and recover. The girls did some shopping (I failed to notice Janes new hat at lunch) and I contemplated a sand boarding trip, but instead handed my washing in at a laundry, had an ice cream, and discovered the the meteorite museum is only open for 3 hours in the morning and evening and added it to tomorrows calendar of events.
I also caught up on the hundreds of emails, mostly regarding nothing of interest. That said San Pedro is a great town to rest and relax in before we head down to Valparaiso on saturday.
One thing that can be said is the resident dog population is both large in numbers and size. Most of the owners let their dogs out in the morning and they wander around town and return in the evening.

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