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Chilling in San Pedro

I’ve got to admit, I’ve done very little since leaving the desert and salt flats of Bolivia and arriving in San Pedro. The girls have done lots of shopping, I’ve just kind of done nothing but go to cafes and restaurants, patted the local giant dog population and exchanged money, because doing nothing seems to cost a bit in Chile.

However, I did have one thing on my schedule, the meteorites museum. The Atacama desert seems to have its fair share of meteorite strikes and thus a museum here in San Pedro seems to make sense. I learnt all sorts of exciting things like the different types of meteorites, different magnetism between meteorites and all sorts of other stuff. I quite liked the museum even if it was a small dome shaped tent.

The meteor dome

The meteor dome

The girl there tried to get me to come out after dark and look into some telescopes, but i was onto her and there was another fee involved. I thought she might have asked me because of my charming personality.

In the evening we decided to go for drinks on the square before we had dinner. However, we were told we had to order food, so Claire ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a quesadilla. The waitress tried to say it was very small, but she didn’t get it. We didn’t want food and we only ordered the quesadilla so the girls could get a “Jarra of Wine” and I could get a mega Cuba Libre. After drinks we went and had dinner where I ordered the Lomo a Lo Pobre (or poor mans beef), which was basically a good old steak, chips and egg.

San Pedro street

San Pedro street

San Pedro is a nice little town full of crafts and tour operators. I guess i’d recommend it as a place to visit, but after coming from the desert across the border the tours seemed to offer very little that was different to what we had seen.

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