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Back to Paro

Today we drove all the way back to Paro where we actually landed last Sunday. Back over the Dochu La pass, still shrouded in mist with no view, past Thimphu with a view to the golden Buddha an on past the airport.
Today was apparently world environment day which meant no cars in Bhutans cities. Thus we took the bumpy dirt roads around the outskirts to visit the two sites in the afternoon. The first was the ruins of Drugyal Dzong. Drugyel Dzong was critical in keeping the tibetans out of Bhutan. However a butter candle burnt it down in the 1950’s. Its a shame as the views are stunning from up here. We also found out why we had passed all these foreigners walking around in lycra with walking sticks. They were in an adventure race of 200kms and had walked from where we drove from today, except via the mountain trails and its taken them 5 stages over 5 days to do it. Tomorrow they run up to Tigers nest, I will be walking slow and steady as it sits high up on the cliff face.

Rice farmers

We also visited another monastery Kichyu Lhakhang, which dates back to the 7th century. It also has an orange tree growing in the courtyard. I’m kind of over monasteries right now.
Our room at the Galling resort, room 999 not 666 (there are also only 18 rooms) is like a small apartment. I think Noel is concerned this luxury may corrupt his frugal ways, but he is continuing into Africa, so doubt it will affect him too much. I even did my own laundry tonight, because they wanted to quote per piece instead of per kilo or bag. Never get laundry done by the piece!

A view up to the Tigers Nest monastery

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