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Well last night was a bit of fun and too much beer. The company we are travelling with had a group of 12 stay in the same hotel, including the owners. Much food and drink was consumed and a late night to bed. I think we all made it up this morning. The other group is mostly motorcycling to Central Bhutan, so we won’t see them again.
This morning Buddha wanted to test me again with another uphill hike to a place called Khamsum Yulley Namgyel Chorten. My reward were fantastic views from the top. We walked through lovely rice fields (currently growing chillies) and then climbed up to the monastery. We walked back down and had a lovely lunch in a restaurant by the river, very tasty Indian style meal, including bread/chapati that we hadn’t seen yet. I have to say they rorted me on my lunchtime soft drink around $3 for a small can, when its 50c for a bottle in the local stores!

Bhutanese farmhouse

In the afternoon we visited the Punakha Dzong. A big fortress, which is the winter home for the Je Khenpo (Buddhist leader). I asked about the Dalai Lama and apparently him visiting Bhutan would upset the trade with China. There is a shock. Bhutan is in an unenvious position between China and India if you ask me.

Punakha Dzong

Anyway we had an early finish for the day. It is just so bloody hot today, but that will change as we head back up the mountain to Paro for our last 3 nights. Already halfway in Bhutan. Time has flown by.

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