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Bye Bhutan

Today was a weird day of sorts. Most things in Bhutan take some time to do, so having a half day at shortish notice made it more difficult to do anything much. We were due to fly out at 10:35am rescheduled to 2:55pm, and actually left 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Right until the end Bhutan made me happy!
We visited a fruit and veg market in Paro which has all the usual suspects. Small by world standards but then again Paro isn’t a very big place either. I wandered up and down the main street again before having an early lunch and also a chance to try butter tea. I believe its tea with butter and some salt. It was ok, but i was happy to drink normal tea after that. An early lunch and off to the airport. A bit strange procedure of going through an xray to get to checkin then immigration and a waiting area, then another xray and a waiting area for boarding. They had free wifi at the airport though which everyone was using and probably why they departed earlier than scheduled. I guess everyone had checked in early too!

Bhutan Airlines

The flight was longish and takes around 4 hours with a stopover in Kolkata. Bangkok was a relative breeze to get through and I said goodbye to Noel who is off to Africa. I caught the Airport train to the city and then had to catch the skytrain with a change or lines. All very easy and the hotel is next to the skytrain station.
I checked in and my room is very nice, amazing what a few frequent flyer points can get you for free these days! Then I ran into 2 guys from Bhutan who were on the same flight. They just arrived and caught a taxi from the airport. So the airport train and skytrain was pretty quick.
Anyway i realised I have no idea what I’m going to do for the next 3 days, so better have a look and see what is around to visit.

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