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aaah hot and humid Bangkok. I had such a good nights sleep I slept in quite late. After 9am which is good given I was awake around 6am every day in Bhutan.
I’d done little research into what to see and do in Bangkok. I figured I’d let the city tell me what I wanted to see. Actually I’ll say “Wat” because thats is what there is, lots of Wat’s aka temples. I’ve yet to see a Wat Son yet though!

Wat Arun

I went down to the river and caught the ferry up the river to visit Wat Pho firstly and to see the giant golden reclining buddha. Yes I’ve seen a few buddha’s lately so I’m somewhat of an expert and this one is pretty good! The hard part was getting in, as the ticket office refused to give me change despite 100’s of people buying tickets ahead of me. I went and got some change and bought my ticket for 100 Baht ($3.30).
The ticket also included free wifi and a bottle of ice cold water.

Golden statues

I then found a nice spot for some lunch before heading to the Royal Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo. The Wat here had the jade buddha. So far away and so small you had to look for it in the massive temple. Of note this was the only place photography was not allowed. The usual shoes off applied and some of the modesty rules were stretched here to accommodate the scantily clad young aussies and brits roaming the streets. I did see one place enforce these rules with sarongs to go inside. Completely different experience from Bhutan and justifies why they don’t want the hordes of backpackers to visit.

Wat Pho

It started to get hot and I was expecting a downpour so headed back to the hotel with a rooftop level 29 pool and bar. Finally my frequent flyer points put to good use! Anyway I’m off to find some places for dinner, apparently I’m right in the shopping mall district as well….. I’ll just have to get myself a new pair of heels with sparkly bits.

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