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Chicken, dancing and vodka

Ok so last night is a bit sketchy, but it went something like this. We decided to go to a place that sold chicken and had dancing as well. We turned up and ordered 5kgs of delicious chicken, 2 bottles of vodka and I unwisely ordered a beer, to top up the litre of beer I had an hour earlier at the hotel. Then some vodka was offered to me and I failed to decline the kind offer. It was very smooth and nice vodka straight up. We ran out of chicken and got 2 more kgs. We ran out of vodka and got 2 more bottles. We ran out of vodka and got 2 more bottles. This may have been repeated more than twice. We went dancing, ran out of vodka and got 2 more bottles. You get how this is going to turn out now.
But the highlight of the evening was my 71 yr old roommate, breakdancing and then because that was pretty awesome he thought he’d do a front flip also. The only problem was no one recorded it. We also don’t know how best to describe it as most of us were lost for words. The local ladies definitely appreciated his gymnastic skills and all wanted to dance with him. I have a goal to work towards now for went I hit my 70’s.
I don’t remember the rest of the night, I did spend a considerate amount of time asleep in the bathroom of the hotel room.
Now onto today, somehow I got out of bed at 8am feeling not too great to go on a walking tour of Tashkent. We started off at one of the many uniquely styled metro stations in Tashkent. Kosmonavtlar, had paintings on the wall of the Russian cosmonauts, including of course Gagarin. shame photography was banned in the metro stations.



The tour wandered through the independence square with a monument that used to have Lenin and now has a globe with a map of Uzbekistan. We also visited a war memorial. The city looks nice, it’s dotted with buildings where taking photos of them is prohibited. They are very touchy about this. I think Samarkand is more my kind of place though.


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