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Cycling Bled

OK so it rained all last night and was raining this morning. Not happy, but wandered down to the lake to see the sun just teasing me through the clouds. So I hired a bike and went for a ride around the lake. Its easily walkable around lake Bled, but I’ve walked so much this holidays, the plethora of bike hiring agencies must be onto something to be hiring out bikes. So got myself a pretty decent mountain bike for 6 euros and off I went.
Everyone was walking. I can’t understand why, as its amazing wizzing along the path with the views of the lake. As it turns out I’d sprint on my bike to a scenic viewpoint. Stop to take photos and the walkers had caught me up again. I must have taken way too many photos just as the shine shone a little bit.


Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria

I rode past the rowing club, which strictly forbid bicycles and sunbaking on their signs. Bled is actually hosting the world rowing championships this year. I can see the rowers now admiring the view and going off course! Still you could be rowing at the Penrith rowing centre……
The ride around the lake took a fraction over an hour, so I rode into town picked up suuplies for tomorrows train ride. Rode back to my apartment. Rode wherever i could go to get my 3 hours worth. Then the rain came down so I took the bike back 30 minutes early.
Funny things happen while you are away. I ran into an old couple that I chatted to at Plitvice NP in the supermarket. They promised they were not stalking me and were not heading to Budapest… They were heading home for the 3 months of summer weather in England. They didn’t seem too hopeful.
Anyway tomorrow is an epic train journey to Budapest. Slightly worried that my taxi won’t pick me up to catch the train to Ljubljana in time to then make the train to Budapest. My ticket has a months validity, but I want to get to Budapest to start the 3 city run Budapest-Prague-Berlin back to Frankfurt airport. Yep in two weeks time i’ll be back at work again.


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