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Do you know the way to San Jose…….

Do do da da do do dada daaah…….
I’ve been saving that bad joke for a while….
Truth is I don’t know the way to San Jose and in fact I bypassed San Jose.
I’m going to stay for the next few nights in Alajuela a town near the airport and a whole lot safer and more friendlier than San Jose… well I hope so.
Anyway today was fairly routine, except it rained and rained and did I mention rain.
Besides the locals of Cahuita were sending me broke with all the beer I’ve been drinking.
There is a community of expats┬áthere who work for 6 months a year and then go live in costa Rica for the rest of the year…. Usually during winter. One guys claim was he earns enough in one hour to live in Costa Rica for a day.
So despite my early bad feelings Cahuita was a nice place after all.
That little bush walk though has left me limping around. I think its a new injury though and not a recurrence of an old sporting injury.

I only have 2 days in Costa Rica left and i fly out 8 am Wednesday. I remember telling people in Guatemala about all my plans and how far away they seemed. Now I’m handing out travel advice to people jus starting their travels.

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