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I awoke to a monkey trying to get into my treehouse, apparently one of the spider monkeys gives all the doors a try first thing in the morning. I got up had breakfast and sat down waiting for a tour of the place. A coati came along and sat on my lap. A coati is a kind of raccoon looking thing. I think it wanted food, but I had none.

My treehouse

My treehouse

I then did a tour of La Sende Verde and visited the temporary aviaries for the smaller parrots and birds, I saw a few other things like the caiman and the hundreds or tortoise and turtles. The macaws and monkeys were out and about as usual. I then went to the monkey area, where the monkeys no deemed safe to roam free were hanging out. Mostly Capuchin monkeys, the ones you see in movies that are evil looking with teeth, but also highly trainable.

I returned to my treehouse to find my suspension bridge had a troop of howler and spider monkeys hanging out and sleeping there. That’s when the most awesome thing happened. I had several monkeys sit on my lap and play around me. The howler monkeys were quite friendly. The spider monkeys were a bit more cautious and eventually when most of the monkeys had departed a younger spider monkey came over so I could get a photo of us together.

I also have a macaw friend who flies up to my treehouse balcony to say hello and get the back of his neck scratched. If I don’t he attacks my laptop/camera or whatever else he can bite. I just scratch his neck now, I know who is boss.

Tomorrow I leave this little bit of Paradise for the heights of La Paz again. I don’t know if my mysterious travelling companions will know what hit them in La Paz. I’m going to go find a pharmacist to get some drugs to aid with sleeping at altitude.

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