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Reunion in La Paz

Last day in monkey paradise, before heading back to La Paz. The journey wasn’t as long as I’d thought it would be, except i had to pay a taxi to take me to the village right at the top of the hill to get on a bus that came back down the same hill and then up towards La Paz. The clear skies gave way to views that i missed when cycling down in the mist.
I arrived back in La Paz, to find my companions had already arrived in La Paz. I went out to get lunch and heard my name yelled out from across the street. My companions for this trip Jane and Claire, who I met on the silk road journey and may or may not feature in that blog, were sitting in a little pizza place across the road. We had lunch caught up with the gossip, reminisced about the good and bad of the silk road.
Then I discovered I had lost my cash card for the ATM. A frantic search revealed nothing, so I called and got the card cancelled. Still sorting out how to get extra cash in an emergency….
Sunday night is a bit quiet in La Paz, but we found a restaurant that served generous servings of llama steak. I didn’t get close to finishing it, but was left feeling satisfied.

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