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Portsea on Port Phillip

Todays drive was more about getting to a location ready for the real adventure to begin more than a day of driving through scenic landscapes, by the time I’d reached the outskirts of Melbourne suburbia extending far south on the Mornington peninsula, I had enough driving for the day, mostly on freeways. Add in the suburban main roads to get to the next freeway and it was a day of driving best for listening to podcasts, audiobooks and music.

Bass straight to the right

Its also become apparent Australian roads rarely get within cooee of the coastline. I could count the locations from Melbourne to Sydney that you see anything close to the coast and Lakes Entrance is the only one on the main highway and thats technically a lake. I know that will all change as I drive along the Great Ocean road over the next two days, but despite Aussies love for the coast, we have very few great coastal drives.

I arrived in Portsea and headed to Point Nepean National park, but was too late in the day to get to Point Nepean as it was accessed only by a bus through the national park, something the maps don’t make clear and obvious. I did get to see a few things around the national park before retreating to my hotel, whoch was rather eerie at night, being part of the golf club that closed at 6 along with the hotel reception.

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