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San Francisco…. I’m here

Well my first few hours in San Francisco have passed and its given me the warm and fuzzy feeling I got in Hong Kong. Of course completely different cities, but still places like London failed to excite me when I arrived.
So I caught the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) train from the airport into town. Very easy to do and fairly cheap at $5.15. I’m having trouble with the american money though. Their coins say penny, dime, nickel, quarter with no numbers on them. Some are easy but nickel and dime I’ve confused a few times.
My dad should be happy. The first thing I saw when I left the BART station was the Powell street cable car turn around. Basically a rotating platform to spin the cable car around. They only go in one direction, i’m guessing due to how they work and brake etc. My father also tells me there is no driver, just a “gripman” or “gripwoman”.

Cablecar terminus

Cablecar terminus

The city was fairly alive with shops opening fairly late it seems every day of the week. Plenty of beggars, probably more than I saw in Central America combined….
Although one honest beggar was asking for money to help him get drunk.
So now I’ve got to read through the pamphlets and find some things to do. Hopefully I can fit them all in. So many places to see and 3 days is not enough.
Oh I’ve got to stop talking spanish as well. A few times i’ve used spanish instead of english……
OK well I’m off for now. See you all very, very soon.



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