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Ripped off in San Jose

Well today I was scammed. Well not literally but I just felt like I wasted money on something crap. My last day in Central America and thought I’d grab a half day city tour of San Jose.
So at 12:15 I was meant to be picked up. 20 minutes later my bus arrives to collect me. No big deal, standard time issues in Central America, nothing is ever on time.
So I get taken to a restaurant for the included lunch. My guide was telling me all about the typical Costa Rican food and how they have a casado which is a plate of food with a meat added on top. Yes I know that eaten it many times and to be honest I’m sick of rice, beans and cabbage salads. But the iced tea was nice.
OK our first stop on the city tour was a souvenir shop. We left the souvenir shop 3 hours after the tour started. We then drove past the Presidents house, which is quite small and numerous embassies to get to a jewelery store. We left the jewelery store at 4:30pm… Then we dropped everyone off at the hotels, while the driver pointed to some rather interesting buildings we didn’t stop at.
I paid this company $30 to drive me to lunch, a souvenir shop and a jewelery shop….
Tomorrow hopefully will be a better day, leaving for the bright lights of San Francisco.

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