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Sentosa = Hell

So last night i went for a wander around Clarke Quay, basically cause I got lost and headed in the wrong direction. A few streets later i realised i didn’t recognise where i was so went the opposite way and found Clarke Quay, where I’ve been before. It made such a good impression a few years ago, I came back to my favourite microbrewery, Brewerkz. I had a lovely irish red ale to wash down some BBQ-Chipotle chicken. I drink so little these day that 500mL of beer had me feeling mildly happy and drunk.

Clarke Quay

Sentosa Merlion

I also found my favourite ice cream guy, who cuts a slab of ice cream off and serves it between 2 wafers, or a slice of bread which looks a tad green in parts. Apparently it is sweetened and coloured and not mouldy! Still I’m a wafer person. Unsurprisingly, Singapore is hot and humid, but it didn’t rain yesterday either. Icould do with a wet season downpour, I love the rain!
Today I went to Sentosa island, apparently the most fun place in Singapore. I found it boring, full of stuff to pay for, nothing was free except for walking. You could easily spend $300 a person a day on Sentosa island, especially if you had kids wanting to do everything there. Its got a universal studios, plus numbers of other rides and activities that all seem to have quite a cost or expense to them. I found the Merlion statue and even that needed $12 to go in. I took photos from the outside and walked back to the metro station. If you are a cruise ship person or a resort person you may love Sentosa. For me, Its definately not in the least bit fun or interesting as its all fabricated fun, which i like just not at extortionate prices.
I’m going to the gardens by the bay tonight as I know where I’m going. Tomorrow will suck as I have a 10pm flight home and checkout will be early. Hoping maybe there is a shower at Changi airport i can use!

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