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The End.

Well this is it. All good and bad things come to end. Today was rather brief in terms of sightseeing. I caught the subte to a leafy suburb called Belgrano. I went for a walk through the leafy streets until i got hungry and returned for lunch. I’ve attached a photo of another church.
So what else can i talk about. Probably not much, I’ve lost my enthusiasm after a month of travelling. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how I managed 6 weeks last time I travelled. I did have a rather big dinner to celebrate the end of my trip. Caan’t say the food was that tasty, but thats argentine food for you. Its like the whole country cooks to satisfy the tastes of senior citizens. Empanadas were a highlight in general and there were some rather good beers after my initial shock of drinking Quilmes Cristal, which is the VB of Argentina.
I’ve also attached some funny signs that I found and photographed. See its only only japanese and chinese that have issues with english. Anyway its been a long trip wth many highs and lows that i’m only to happy to share again with you all when I return, over coffee, beer, wine, lunch or dinner.

Church in Belgrano

Church in Belgrano

One last thing. A belated Happy 89th birthday to my grandfather. Well its still his birthday here, but won’t be in Australia.
So for now adios, its been great writing this travel blog for you all.

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