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Where is Jim?

So today has been declared a temple and buddhist free day to relax a little and do something different.
I read something about Jim Thompson’s house. I have never heard of him so thought I’d go see what its all about. Apparently Jim was a spy during World War II and settled in Thailand after discovering the last hand woven silk. I believe he shipped it off to all the fashion houses and he built a lovely thai wooden house on a canal in Bangkok. Then he disappeared in the jungle of Malaysia in the 60’s and let the conspiracy theories begin. I had to do a compulsory tour and spent most of my time standing in front of fans to reduce the sweat from building up.

Jim Thompsons House

Jim Thompsons House

As I was walking back it tried to rain, so I thought I’d stick to inside stuff. Problem was I had dodgy info on where Siam Oceanworld really was. Certainly not the 1km walk from the skytrain station that I thought. I ended up finding it by accident in a shopping mall on the way back. It was full of people trying to get a shark in a photo with them. It was a nice diversion and say a lot of species of pipefish, seahorses and even a pacific octopus.
Not sure what the plan for this evening will be or even tomorrow at this stage. I’m enjoying the relaxation time. I want to get myself a dragon ornament, early pricing suggests its a lot cheaper here than in Bhutan for exactly the same thing. Although I’d like something wooden, the price of a resin dragon went from 1200 Baht this morning to 400 Baht as I walked away! I also might go see the golden mount and go for another cruise on the river.

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